AllStarrdaGreat #newarkweather

ADG is the acronym@allstarrdagreat on instagram is where you can find him… the video featured above is an insight of the common stories of the infamous city Newark, New Jersey coming straight from the horse’s mouth, ah correction from a son of the SouthWard… “ALLSTARRDAGREAT

He is focused, militant, aware of the elements that surround him,yet he himself is immune to the effects that the streets have had on others he’s known, just listen to the word’s in #newarkweather off his debut album #GOATY featuring other popular Jersey acts like popular battle artist @therealshotgunsuge and in the video above popular viral comedian @darius_dkA force to be reckon with, he is the TRUTH… whether you’ll approve or not… THESE JERSEY STREETS ARE WITH HIM… PAY ATTENTION Follow his music label page @fastlanemediagroup

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