@rayyyrayyy___ COMEZ to QUEENZ!

@rayyyrayyy___ & @iamqween__

RayyyRayyy!!! Is what I hollered as this tall chocolate being in a Moncler jacket jumps out the Uber with his affiliates… We hug and I greet his friends… South Bronx has officially touched down in Queenz

Ray is a South Bronx native who had his big break out moment online as a comedian based of TikTok memes… South Bronx is the home of the origin of HipHop,tho currently the neighborhood there is under a lot of chaos; crime,financial oppression and a boat load of typical urbanization… yet @rayyyrayyy___ makes the most of his atmosphere with comedy.

QweenTV got to chat with the Internet sensation {YouTube/itsyagirlQween} @hnyjuice Bar located in Queens on Farmers Blvd off 109th avenue… Ray was hilarious through out the entire interview, charismatic, intelligent and very humble… these attributes changed my whole mindset about who I thought he was and you will too, tune into @rayyyrayyy___ on IG and on QweenTV : YouTube