Kanye West Breaks “Free”

This post touched me cause Kanye West is an artist whose very dear to my heart and for the culture we’ve all grew up in “Hiphop/RnB/Pop/Jazz/Etc” He’s been made to be a “monster” , “crazy” , “sick” … yet never have they saluted the GREAT father, brother,protector,artist,entertainer,genius that he iz… nah that’s just foul…

Kanye West

He’s lost his mother and for anyone whose lost a love one it’s a roller coast of emotions daily following their death. It makes me wonder has anyone truly checked upon him, encourage him? I did peep the footage of comedian Dave Chapelle and affiliates joining him on one of his purchased lands on Twitter, since then though we are hearing every scandalous thing under the sun… I truly believe perhaps it’s the tabloids pushing the “divorce” narrative and they are just with the shits haha hey it’s a theory don’t quote me lol… however it still makes me wonder ya know…

The Wests
The West’s

What’s Your Fav Pizza🗣 🍕

This has been the longest living debate in the history of pizza especially in Queenz, NY in New York… you see these are the longest lasting family pizza restaurant(s) in my surrounding community.

The debate has always been which has the better pizza, sauce, service, location etc… you’d be surprised the debate becomes long drawn on anyone’s platform that presents the long live question which is the BEST PIZZA SPOT IN QUEENZ (Queens)

I welcome you to drop a comment on the debate… I’ve eaten at both establishments and both are really good however my fav is : MARGHERITAS which is located on Jamaica Avenue in what is now considered Downtown Jamaica, check both out and make up your own mind🗣

QweenTV: Manifestations


This AM was quite a rush, I tapped in early playing music on Clubhouse/QweenTV and I wasn’t expecting the shift in the Universal way we speak to each other on the newest social app: Clubhouse

Since transitioning from IG to the Clubhouse platform, I’ve been able to experience a WHOLE NEW WORLD filled with like minded individuals as well as Polar opposites if that makes any sense to you ,lol

I’ve been runnin the Clubchat/podcast: QWEENTV since the app accepted my application {joinclubhouse.com} and the turn out is awesome the feedback is grand … I truly urge you to join us and enjoy the move of the Universe with us and more…

You can follow me on Clubhouse: @iamqween , Instagram: @iamqween , Snapchat/iamword22 and email me: itsyagirlQween@gmail.com … I look forward to hearing from you all