Gordo!!!!! I said Gordo!!!!

Gordo!!!! Is how I always state him when he’s in my presence… I chopped it up w/Gordo the night before his performance cause I had to be in his face and hear what he had to say… Gordo is a real one , he is art in its simplest form… what he speaks, he lives it unapologetically… shouldn’t we all tho… check him out here ⬇️

He ain’t with the gimmicks or the folly… he is for the women, ganja & 🎶 Music… @gordo_yl dances , gets low and spits 🔥 bars in his popular hit #saysomething which is out now on all major music platforms… yes I was hype and yes I was lookin at Everyone’s plate at that table like dayuum… I want fish & grits right now 😂 lmao… Here’s the artist known as “Gordo” aka Ivan… live @paperboxnyc for @majorstage…

Check out more of him on Instagram/ItsyagirlQween or my instastories @iamword_ … #southside


#itsyagirlqween Yummy!

I could be fancy & what not regarding the blog… if you’ve been an avid follower of my work on Instagram then you’ll know this is just an extra piece of juicy apple pie… tho I like 🍍 pineapples lol… peep the following , read, digest and tell a friend of a friend to tell a friend ” @itsyagirlqween is now online too!” Thank You!



#itsyagirlqween “Crownholders”

The world is built around energy, we all feel things unexplainable even to ourselves, so we cope and never have an outlet to release until Social Media happened, at the tap of a KEY , You become a SOMEBODY… a few seconds on Snapchat or Instastories and boom! You’re viral by a simple repost by different individuals across the world… Are You Awake yet? Take a look and get involve at Instagram/ItsyagirlQween or Snapchat/ItsyagirlQween

The instrumental for “Through it All” which is my favorite, plays as the intro to this fierce track on sex, love and betrayal in this video by @misscaesar aka LYDIA CAESAR which is her third studio single called “Yesterday”

Lydia Caesar is no stranger to the stage or camera, having played in numerous plays at her father’s church, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in South Jamaica Queens, New York; Lydia has always been a star in the making… The latest track entitled Yesterday caters to the situationship of putting your all into a lover only for him/her to be playing with your emotions the whole time, cheating on you, manipulating you…etc

Well in this song, Lydia shows her audience what a REAL WOMAN will do…haha she aint having it and neither should you… Streaming Everywhere “YESTERDAY” OUT NOW!

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